Groveland Receives State Grant for Water Treatment to Address Excess Minerals in Water Supply

Groveland Town Hall. (File photograph.)

Groveland was recently awarded a $15,000 state grant to construct a new water treatment facility to deal with excess minerals.

The state awarded the earmark to help supplement work performed under the Department of Housing and Community Development Housing Choice Small Town Grant that paid for a water treatment feasibility plan for Groveland.

“This earmark will allow us to explore and move forward with the development of our much-needed water treatment facility project, which will help us maintain an adequate water supply for all residents and businesses,” said Town Administrator Rebecca Oldham.

In a statement, officials explained, Groveland has elevated levels of minerals in its water which serves to limit the rate at which ground water is pumped. “The higher the pumping rate, the more minerals are pulled from the ground. The development of the water treatment facility will be used to filter the minerals out of the town’s current water supply, to allow for additional pumping capacity,” the statement said.

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