Rocks Village Drawbridge Span to Remain in Open Position for Marine Traffic; Still Closed to Autos

State officials closed the Rocks Village Drawbridge March 17, between Haverhill and West Newbury. (Mike Jarvis photograph for WHAV News.)

The Rocks Village drawbridge opened to boats this past weekend with temporary repairs to open the swing span, but automobile use must await permanent repairs which will take place with the bridge span raised.

Following a over height truck accident March 17, the Rocks Village Bridge was closed. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it substantially completed the first phase of repairs Friday. These included temporary, interim work to add structural elements to act in place of damaged components and safely swing the bridge into the open position.

Starting this week, the contractor will begin supporting the swing span on the bridge fender system using timber blocking and jacks. The permanent bridge repairs will be completed with the swing span in the open position. The bridge remains unavailable to pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles until permanent repairs are completed and the bridge is returned into service.

Just down the Merrimack River, marine traffic at the Gillis Bridge is currently limited to vessels that do not require the bridge to be raised. The state is developing repairs to restore full operations there and officials expect to implement the work in the coming weeks. The Gillis Bridge remains fully open to pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

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