Podcast: Haverhill’s New Veterans Services Officer At Work Building Bonds With Organizations

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Haverhill Veterans Services Officer Jeffrey C. Hollett now in his fourth week on the job, has been busy building relationships with area organizations helping and supporting veterans.

A recent guest on WHAV’s morning show, Hollett says, working collaboratively is very important.

“The game in Veterans Services today is really about building those relationships with as many resources that are available out there. Some people like to consider a veterans services officer as a one stop shop, and the reality is that it’s really not,” he explained.

Among his local contacts are Veterans Northeast Outreach Center Executive Director Scott Forbes; the Haverhill Exchange Club, which is operating the Hometown Heroes Program; and Veterans of Foreign Wars Lorraine Post 29 Commander Shawn Watkins.

With Memorial Day later this month, Hollett says, one group often overlooked is families of veterans. He says Memorial Day focuses on those who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in service to their country, but veterans families, known as Gold Star Families, have also made supreme sacrifices.

“And, that price is being paid every day, and I know it only too well now  because now I reflect back on my years of service, and what I put my family through, my parents, because now my son is in the Reserves. He’s only been in the Reserves three and a half years. He’s already been deployed to Iraq once and he’s currently on orders to be transferred to a unit down in Georgia, and we know that unit is going to be deployed, but we don’t know yet where,” he notes.

Hollett, of Lynn, came to Haverhill after working in Dracut as the veterans services officer, and says he sees the position as a career and fulfilling a passion. He can be reached at the Haverhill Citizens Center, 10 Welcome St., and may be reached at 978-374-2351.

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