Haverhill-Born Poet Comeau Continues Ukraine War Reflections with ‘Cycling in Bucha’

City park in Bucha, Kiev oblast, Ukraine in better times. (Photograph by Аимаина хикари, Creative Commons.)

Editor’s note: As the United States of America makes plans to reopen its Kyiv embassy in war-torn Ukraine, Dr. Raymond F. Comeau, a Haverhill native, gives WHAV’s audiences another topical and insightful poem, “Cycling in Bucha.”

Comeau urges WHAV’s audiences “not to forget the misery, slaughter and injustice in Ukraine. To lose sight of these things, as hard as they are, is to lose sight of our common compassion and humanity.”

Now of Belmont, Comeau is a retired dean and current lecturer at Harvard University Extension School. He is also a trustee, emeritus, of the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace in Haverhill.

Cycling in Bucha

(Inspired by a news account)

Shoulders back and forth

He was pedaling down a street

As rhythmical as a song

Then he stopped got off

 And walked his bike around a bend

But tanks were facing him there

Two booms no questions asked

(We do a better job killing cows)

How many memories disappeared

In an instant

How many hopes

How many people did this man love

Parents and if married

A wife kids likely

Dear friends

Whose grief will be unspeakable

How do they love

An enemy who did this

© Raymond Comeau April 2022

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