Power Outage Leads to Broken Pipes and Cancellation of Monday Classes at Haverhill High School

Haverhill High School. (WHAV News file photograph.)

A weekend power outage in the neighborhood of Haverhill High School played a role in pipes bursting and causing the cancellation of school Monday.

Haverhill High School Principal Jason Meland was expected to appear live Monday on WHAV’s “Win for Breakfast,” but notified the radio station of the incident and need to reschedule.

In an email Monday afternoon, Assistant Superintendent Michael Pfifferling reported, “As a result of the power outage and failed reboot of the (Building Management System), the boiler did not re-fire once the power was restored. Due to the chilling weather and winds over the weekend, two of our heating pipes froze and burst.”

Pfifferling explained there was “substantial flooding” in two wings of the school, but damage was largely limited to water clean-up and no ceiling or floor tiles were affected.

Haverhill High classes resume Tuesday as scheduled.

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