‘Flying Saucer’ Comes to Rest in Downtown Haverhill’s Industrial Sector, Destined for New Heights

Flying saucer as observed at dusk at 51 Hale St., Haverhill. (WHAV News photograph.)

It’s finally happened and there’s proof too.

What appears to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft, surrounded on all sides by bright orange cones, is plainly visible in front of 51 Hale St., in downtown Haverhill’s industrial section. It appears to have skidded into a snowbank and rests partly on its side. Chris Lagasse last week wrestled away control of the metal flying saucer, revealing it was indeed occupied.

“It’s got a little plastic dome and a little green guy inside. It’s got like some tubes on the back like a, I don’t know, voltage tube or something on the back,” he observed.

So, what does a late model, used alien spacecraft have under the hood? Well, if you can call it a hood. Lagasse describes it. “I think it was, inside, one of them wooden spools for cable, a cable spool, and then he’s got like sheet metal put on the outside of it.”

WHAV asked Lagasse if anyone from NASA or the Air Force has yet questioned him, he laughed and said, “Not yet, no.”

It was Lagasse’s friend, Dan Gardella, who first spotted the craft, but, he said, he also has had no interaction with authorities—at least not human ones. “I think I saw; It may have been a fellow Martian fly over ever so quickly to, maybe, view the used shipwreck,” he speculated.

Gardella added to the description of the strange object, noting a common frustration is apparently universal. “It was very heavy. There is a tire under it in the center, a single tire, but it was flat.”

At long last the origin of the shiny craft was revealed. Gardella said his neighbor constructed the object and put it outside as a holiday decoration. “Halloween. He put it out. It’s been there a couple years. Chris asked me about it because we lived in the neighborhood together.”

On behalf of Lagasse, Gardella asked to buy the craft, giving the family a few dollars to help them entertain their children’s friends who were visiting from western Massachusetts during school vacation.

Lagasse plans to put it on the roof of his front storage building at 51 Hale St., Haverhill. Those who have been to the property—more so since the spaceship arrived last week—found rooftop flying machines there aren’t that unusual.

“I’ve got a helicopter on top of the roof of the garage here. You know, I just like unique stuff,” he explained.

Lagasse is a familiar family name in Haverhill. He noted his father, grandfather and uncle owned the former Brentwood Furniture on Hale Street. Although the flying saucer may be a bit unusual, one might say the family isn’t afraid of heights. For many years, his cousin Marie operated Lagasse Amusements. The company annually installed downtown Haverhill Christmas decorations, including the now-legendary bell in the center of Washington Square.

“My Uncle Gene had the crane and he used to put the bell up every year. That’s a big thing.”

Lagasse describes himself as “somewhat retired” and has placed his 4,000-square-foot property, the former Brentwood Disposal, up for the sale. He didn’t say whether the little green man and the flyer saucer are included.

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