Health Officials Advise Residents to Dispose of Salmonella-Laden Dog Treats Sold in Haverhill

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Residents are being advised to dispose of Dog Gone Dog Treats, made in Georgetown and sold at various stores including one in Haverhill, because of Salmonella infection among three people handling the treats.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said Wednesday Dog Gone Dog Treats include “chicken chips” and beef liver and sweet potato chips and sold at Essex County Co-Op in Topsfield, New England Dog Biscuit Company in Salem, Gimme Chews & Moore in Haverhill and Animal Krackers in Gloucester. These treats are dehydrated and are not fully cooked.

“There have been three cases of salmonellosis linked to individuals handling these dog treats. The cases include two adults in their 70s and a child—all are residents of Essex County. One open bag from a customer and several unopened bags purchased last week all tested positive for Salmonella at the State Public Health Laboratory,” health officials said.

All stores were ordered to remove any existing product from shelves and no additional product is currently being made. People get Salmonella if they eat or handle food that has been contaminated with the bacteria and the food has not been properly handled, prepared or cooked. Salmonella is common in uncooked food products from animals, such as eggs, poultry and unpasteurized milk.

Officials said people who get the germs on their hands can infect themselves by eating, smoking or touching their mouths. They can also spread the germs to anyone or anything they touch, including food.

Most people with an infection will have diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps that can last up to a week. Although treatment is not always necessary, people who have weakened immune systems, very young children, adults over 65 and those experiencing severe symptoms are advised to talk to their healthcare providers about treatment.

Dogs that become ill from Salmonella infection may experience diarrhea that can contain blood or mucus, may seem more tired than usual and may have a fever or vomit. It is also possible for dogs to have Salmonella infection and not appear sick.

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