Rep. Vargas Calls Comcast’s Abandonment of Data Caps and Penalties ‘a Huge Win’

State Rep. Andy X. Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

Comcast, which postponed its planned data caps and penalties on northeast customers when it came under fire at the peak of the current pandemic, has abandoned the plan altogether.

Haverhill Rep. Andy X. Vargas said he received word directly from Comcast last week after following up on Comcast’s plan to charge those without unlimited plans $10 for every 50 gigabytes they use over the 1.2 terabyte limit, up to a maximum of $100 a month.

“The latest we have is that they have no intention of reintroducing the data caps at all, which is a huge win,” Vargas said.

Last New Year’s, Vargas and other area legislators joined Rep. Dave Rogers in a letter to Comcast/Xfinity urging the internet service provider to terminate its plan and “reconsider any future attempts at imposing a data cap or any perversion of the principles of net neutrality in Massachusetts.”

At the time, Vargas said, studies show a growing number of consumers exceed already the proposed limits, forcing them to pay over limit fees or subscribe to a costly unlimited plan for as much as $30 more a month.

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