Just After Reuniting Dog with Owner, Methuen Animal Control Officer Falardeau Receives Honor

Methuen Animal Control Officer Renee Falardeau reunites Sully and Shari. (Courtesy photographs.)

Fresh off reuniting a lost dog with its owner, Methuen Animal Control Officer Renee Falardeau was honored recently as Methuen Police Department’s “Employee of the Month.”

Police Chief Scott J. McNamara called Falardeau “a one-person unit that has many responsibilities.”

“Renee’s professionalism, whether dealing with a barking dog complaint or helping a person with the loss of their pet, should be recognized. Renee handles her job without complaints and is readily available to assist anyone who asks for her assistance, whether day or night,” the chief said.

Police said the commendation came coincidentally after Falardeau reunited a four-year-old Pug named Sully with owner Shari. The dog escaped from his yard because of a fence that was damaged from the last storm. He eluded his dog walker and went on a stroll of the streets of Methuen, but a Good Samaritan brought him to the Methuen Police Station.

Although Falardeau was nearing the end of her shift, she began gathering information and preparing to process Sully as a found dog on social media and with the shelter. It was in perfect timing that Sully’s family called the police department to report him missing.

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