Podcast: Vargas Reveals Re-Election Plans During Live Broadcast Friday On 97.9 WHAV

Haverhill state Rep. Andy X. Vargas. (Courtesy photograph.)

Rep. Andy X. Vargas told WHAV listeners first he is abandoning his quest for a state Senate run and seeking re-election to his expanded Haverhill House district next year.

The statement during a live broadcast Friday morning confirmed hints Vargas made two weeks ago when the Senate redistricting plan which split Haverhill into two districts. Vargas, who has been eyeing a run for state Senate, told WHAV the plan to create minority majority districts may actually take away his opportunity. The 3rd Essex District representative made it official on WHAV’s morning show.

“Your listeners will be the first to hear it here. I am no longer running for state Senate. I will be running for re-election to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. And, candidly, the primary reason for that is I’m expecting my first son in March and my wife and I are looking to buy a home in Haverhill as well,” he said.

Vargas says many factors led to his decision, besides the new Senate district that will be including a portion of Haverhill with Lawrence and Methuen.

“So, you throw in a redistricting plan that splits Haverhill in half and what constrain my wife and I are looking for a house in one particular part of Haverhill versus another. It’s just candidly a lot to have happening while we are welcoming our first born,” he explained.

Vargas says the House district he represents doesn’t change too much. He’ll be picking up one precinct in Bradford, where he said he had fond memories of working when he was a Haverhill city councilor.

“I’m really excited to continue doing the work we’ve been doing for Haverhill because that’s ultimately why I got into public service. It’s why I came back to Haverhill after I graduated from BU, to make a difference here. And, I get to continue doing that while also expecting my first son,” Vargas said.

He said the benefit of having Haverhill drop from four state representatives to just two, is it makes it easier for constituents to know who their representative is and will solidify Haverhill’s position on Beacon Hill. House redistricting leaves Vargas and Rep. Linda Dean Campbell representing the city. Reps. Lenny Mirra and Christina Minicucci will no longer represent the city.

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