Levasseur Takes Helm of Haverhill Republican City Committee; Group Endorses O’Neil

Haverhill Republican City Committee Chair Jeralyn Levasseur. (Courtesy photograph.)

The Haverhill Republican City Committee recently reorganized under the leadership of Jeralyn Levasseur, who previously served as Ward 7 chair.

She said the requirement to reorganize comes every four years coinciding with the presidential primary, but many of the mandatory steps did not take place a year ago March.

“Part of it did happen, but it wasn’t a friendly call to action to other Republicans throughout the city,” she explained.

Besides Levasseur, who also serves as regional chair for the Geoff Diehl for Governor Campaign, other Republican City Committee leaders are Vice Chair Kara Sotirakopoulos, Secretary Robert Levasseur and Treasurer Michael Grammont.

With organizational duties behind her, the new chair is focused on the future, citing such concerns as food and fuel inflation. “People are very angry and disgruntled and I see the wind at the Republicans’ back for the 2022 election,” she said.

About 20 committee members met this past Tuesday night, deciding among other things to endorse the candidacy of Dee Jacobs O’Neil for Haverhill City Council. Levasseur noted O’Neil’s charitable work feeding veterans and seniors every day and her knowledge of the city.

Members also heard from Susan Mears Howshan of Conservatives for Freedom, discussing opposition to mask and vaccination mandates.

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