Haverhill Cultural Council Begins Accepting Grant Requests Today, Sharing $45,400 in State Money

Artist Emily Boulger displays the new Haverhill Cultural Council logo. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill’s creative economy is receiving a boost this year with a record $45,400 allocation to share with local artists, nonprofits and others.

The Haverhill Cultural Council received the money from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and starts accepting applications today. A benefit to recipients going forward is the Haverhill Cultural Council will no longer require artists and others to spend the money first and then wait for reimbursement. Instead, the city body has switched to a direct grant program, eliminating the need for recipients to have to pay for capital expenditures, supplies or stipends out of pocket.

“We’re glad that the Mass. Cultural Council has decided to back our cultural programs for another year, and at a much-needed time,” said Nathan Webster, local council chair. “As we continue to see the City of Haverhill grow as a cultural stop for artists, musicians, storytellers and others, this grant money affords us the opportunity to keep Haverhill on the cutting edge of arts programs geared towards children, teens and seniors.”

Webster added the Council seeks applicants of all cultural backgrounds, as evidenced by its Multicultural Festival Haverhill 2021, taking place Sundays in September at 8 p.m., broadcast simultaneously on HC Media and the Council’s YouTube channel, found by by searching “MCF Haverhill.”

Those seeking grants from the Haverhill Cultural Council may visit mass-culture.org/haverhill between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15th. There is an information session Thursday, Sept. 9. Registration takes place at massculturalcouncil.org.

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