Podcast: Methuen Field of Honor on Track for Methuen Day Oct. 2; Reservations Due Aug. 31

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The Methuen Veterans Services Office is preparing for its first Field of Honor ceremony, with money raised to help veterans and veterans programs offered by the city. Methuen Veterans Services Officer Paul Jensen was a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, where he spoke about North Andover’s annual event, held earlier this year, and its show of respect, dignity, honor and patriotism.

Jensen says the Field of Honor display of American Flags has never been done in Methuen prior to this year, and it’s going to be taking place during Methuen Day.

“We have a wonderful location, a big sprawling lawn in front of Nevins Library, right on Broadway, and we also have our Methuen Day activities coming up on Oct. 2, so why don’t we do a Field of Honor in front of Nevins Library. We’ll do it the first week of October, so if people are coming by on that Saturday for Methuen Day, they’ll see the Field of Honor. The flags will remain on the lawn for one week, and after your flag has flown a week you can come back on Sunday and pick up your flag,” Jensen said.

Methuen Day is scheduled for Oct. 2 and Jensen says a dedication ceremony will be held that morning at nine. Jensen pointed out that each flag will be having a personalized touch.

“And also, we will make a set of custom dog tags with your loved ones’ name, organization and years of service, and that’s how we will identify the flag. So, all the flags will have set of custom dog tags with your loved ones’ name on it, and then we’ll fly it for a week. When you come back, we’ll tell you where your flag is located, you can identify it with the dog tags, and then you take home the flag, the pole, the mount and the dog tags,” he explained.

Space is limited for the Methuen Field of Honor, with a reservation deadline of Aug. 31 to allow time for ordering the dog tags and American flags to honor loved ones, veterans and first responders. Pick up date will be Oct. 10  and people may also donate flags from the event to the Methuen Veterans Service office for use at various events through the year. To reserve a flag, and dog tags, call the Methuen Veterans Services office at 978-983-8585.

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