Windrush Farm Again Offers Kathy Blanton Memorial Scholarship for Therapeutic Riding Session

(File photograph.)

Scholarship Recipient with Cheryl Blanton at Windrush Farm. (Courtesy photograph.)

Windrush Farm of North Andover is offering a new Kathy Blanton Memorial Scholarship to provide a child, adolescent or adult with disabilities to take a therapeutic riding session this fall.

The scholarship is for a participant over the age of six, with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges whose family qualifies on financial need and consideration of circumstances. The scholarship is for an individual who has not previously participated in a therapeutic riding program.

“Our family was very moved and grateful to be able to sponsor two individuals with therapeutic riding this past spring,” said Cheryl Blanton. “We’re looking forward to continue to help change lives with the dedicated and talented team at Windrush farm along with the resources of our sister’s memorial scholarship.” Kathy Blanton survived contracting Eastern Equine Encephalitis as a child, but struggled with its profound physical and intellectual disabling effects throughout her life.

Windrush CEO Janet Nittmann explained, “Learning to ride builds confidence, independence and well-being…We are extremely grateful to the Blanton family and all the supporters of the Kathy Blanton Scholarship. These generous people have made it possible for another scholarship recipient to experience the joy and benefits of therapeutic horseback riding at Windrush.”

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