George Dimopoulos of Haverhill Receives Jaffarian Family Scholarship at Merrimack College

George Dimopoulos of Haverhill, left, and Jaffarian Volvo Toyota President and CEO Gary Jaffarian. (Courtesy photograph.)

George Dimopoulos of Haverhill, who faced obstacles completing his education during the pandemic, was this year’s winner of the Jaffarian Family Scholarship at Merrimack College.

Dimopoulos graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in Marketing last month, with his junior and senior years occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The last year and a half have been challenging in many ways, and the pandemic gave me many opportunities to rethink my education, my career and how business works in this ever-changing environment,” said Dimopoulos. “This award was truly helpful in assisting in my success over the last year. During the pandemic, many of the opportunities to help pay for educational necessities were missing and this scholarship helped me get through my final year of college.”

During the pandemic, his required internship was cancelled as company staff worked from home. Instead, Dimopoulos began an online business to gain real world experience.

Since graduation, he joined Data Pivot Technologies in North Andover as a sales and marketing specialist.

“My grandmother Alice Jaffarian has long had a commitment to education and ensured that the Jaffarian children had access to education. That tradition has continued through four generations,” said Jaffarian Volvo Toyota President and CEO Gary Jaffarian, a 1978 alum of Merrimack College.

The Jaffarian Family Scholarship, established in 1999, provides financial support for a deserving Merrimack College student and Haverhill resident majoring in business. The scholarship is an endowment with about 5% of the fund’s three-year market value average available each year for the scholarship award.

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