Podcast: Haverhill YMCA Prepares for Ninth Year of its Haverhill Literacy Academy

YMCA Regional Executive Director Tracy Fuller. (WHAV News file photograph.)

As spring turns into summer, the YMCA in Haverhill is preparing for the ninth year of its Haverhill Literacy Academy.

Regional Executive Director Tracy Fuller says the program is in collaboration with Haverhill Public Schools and designed to help students with their reading skills, especially this year.

“We’re excited to prepare for that, and we know that speaking of COVID that a lot of students have experienced a little bit of a learning slide, and this great program that we were able to secure funding for provides mornings of tutoring and literacy support and then afternoons at our summer camp at Tricklin’ Falls. So, it’s a six-week program and we have from pre- and post-assessments show that students who participate in the program, instead of experiencing the summer slide, they experience the summer step up,” she says.

Fuller, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, says the YMCA’s strategic initiatives are addressing the achievement gap and helping every child be on the appropriate reading level.

“We know how important that is. We want to be a partner. We’re partner with the public schools. We’re a partner with families, and this program provides for families a great peace of mind their child is going to have academic support as well as enrichment support at summer camp. We’re thrilled to be able to do this. It has built up every year upon the next year and we are just thrilled to be offering this in collaboration with Haverhill Public Schools and we are definitely looking to have kids register. We are looking for families who are interested in having this great opportunity for their child.” Fuller adds.

She is also excited to see the YMCA get back to its pre-pandemic ways.

“We are thrilled to be able to, as restrictions have shifted, welcome back many of our programs and services. Everything from aqua aerobics for seniors to our wellness programs and group exercise, our gymnastics and swim lessons, sports and continuing to run our licensed before- and after-school child care program,” she explains.

Information on the Literacy Academy is available by clicking on “Specialty Camps” at NorthShoreYMCA.org.

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