Podcast: Banners Honor Haverhill Veterans, Past and Present, Throughout Downtown; Ceremony May 27

Sample banner.

Those visiting downtown Haverhill have likely noticed an addition to many of the utility poles—banners honoring Haverhill Veterans.

The Haverhill Exchange Club, with the help of Haverhill Veterans’ Services Officer Luis Santiago and the Haverhill Public Works Department, are installing banners honoring local Veterans. Santiago, a guest recently on WHAV’s morning program, says the original plan was to limit the number of banners to 80, but more than 100 were purchased.

“We didn’t want for any individual who wanted to participate in the program to feel left out, so we actually took a little bit more than what was expected in order to accommodate certain individuals who either found out a little late or had a little trouble with the website, so we accommodated as much as we could. It will be a program that will be ongoing, so this is the first year. We will continue next year and in the following years to hopefully make it bigger and better as we go along,” he says.

Santiago says the project is a fundraiser for the Exchange Club.

“It’s something that we’ve seen done throughout the nation. It’s something that raises and boosts the morale within the community. It’s just a great reminder, a great visual, to let everybody know that our veteran community, we are a tight knit community. We will never forget the individuals who have served in our country and we look forward honoring these individuals with the visual of the banners that will be going up over the Memorial Day weekend,” he adds.

Even though the banners have already started going up throughout downtown Haverhill, an official program takes place Thursday, May 27.

“We will be doing a small ceremony. We are still going to follow the guidelines set by the governor and the state. We will be doing something on Washington Square in order for the installation of four Gold Star Family Banners which will be going up,” he explains.

Santiago says volunteers are also signing up to help place American flags on veterans’ graves throughout the city. Those interested may call him at 978-374-2351 or email [email protected].

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