Methodical and Patient Haverhill Police Surveillance Nets Three on Fentanyl-Related Charges

Haverhill District Court. (WHAV News file photograph.)

A methodical and patient police surveillance effort netted a Haverhill man and woman and a Lowell man on drug and other charges.

Haverhill Police arrested 43-year-old Juan M. Rodriguez of Lowell; 33-year-old Matthew Robbins, 215 Hilldale Ave., Haverhill; and 23-year-old Emma Kerivan, 225 Hilldale Ave., Haverhill, after an investigation three days in the making. Each pleaded not guilty to fentanyl-related drug charges last week before First Justice Cesar A. Archilla at Haverhill District Court.

It began Last Monday, April 5, when Haverhill Detective Sean Harrison arrested Robbins on an outstanding warrant after first seeing him meet someone in a Jeep outside his Hilldale Avenue home. In a police report, Harrison noted a pattern of narcotics deliveries. The next day, Detectives Michael Shinners and Michael Tortorise watched the home and noticed a Jeep arrive, and its driver park, open and close the rear hatch and leave. Officers repeated the exercise Wednesday, waiting for the Jeep and what they suspected would be a drug transaction. Shinners and Detective Jordan Bergevine watched the Jeep driven by a man later identified as Rodriguez, while Robbins took a front passenger seat and a woman, Kerivan, sat in the rear.

During a pat down of Rodriguez for weapons, Shinners discovered a “soft ball,” found to be packaging for a brown powder believed to be fentanyl. Rodriquez was then arrested on charges of drug possession with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws and driving with a suspended license. Robbins and Kerivan were both charged with possession of fentanyl and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

At the police station, officers noticed Rodriguez’ fingerprints appeared “altered” or “mutilated.” State Police facial recognition was requested and possible alternate identities as Juan Lugo-Ramos, Juan Mercedes Cruz Lugo and variations were found.

Archilla ordered Kerivan, who also had a probation violation, and Robbins to return April 27. Rodriguez, held on $50,000 cash bail, was ordered to return to court May 10.

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