Haverhill’s Public Works Department Selling Rain Barrels Online; Buy Before April 11

One of several color choices of rain barrels offered for sale by the city. (Courtesy photograph.)

Haverhill residents may save up to 40% on their summer water bills by saving rain water in specially designed barrels.

Haverhill’s Public Works Department is selling Great American Rain Barrels online for $69 and making them available for pickup Saturday, April 17. The 60-gallon plastic containers weigh 20 pounds empty and have plastic spigots threaded for garden hose connections. City Solid Waste Manager Gunther Wellenstein calls the barrels “a win-win” for the community and homeowner.

“We are encouraging residents to use rain barrels because they help the city manage its water resources by reducing runoff, lowering municipal water demands, saving energy at treatment plants and improving residential storm management. Rain barrels provide homeowners with a supplemental water supply during periods of drought,” he said.

Residents may order barrels at greatamericanrainbarrel.com/community. Pickup takes place Saturday, April 17, from 9-11 a.m., at the Haverhill Recycling Center, 95 Downing Ave., Haverhill. The deadline for purchase is April 11 at midnight.

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