State Awards Methuen and Lawrence Nearly $400,000 Each for Improved Pedestrian Access

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Methuen and Lawrence are among a dozen communities across the state to share nearly $4.5 million in Complete Streets grants designed to improve travel for bicyclists, pedestrians, public transit users and people using other forms of transportation.

Methuen received $385,860 to reconstruct the intersection of Pleasant and Pleasant View Streets to improve pedestrian safety around local schools. Lawrence received $398,546 to improve pedestrian safety and access to the James F. Hennessey School and downtown by reconstructing various intersections and sidewalks, including adding crosswalks, curbing, drainage and new Americans with Disabilities Act ramps.

“The Complete Streets Funding Program has awarded $55 million in funding through 172 grant awards since 2016 to support municipalities in their ongoing efforts to improve their transportation infrastructure, build safe, convenient and easily accessible transportation networks and to facilitate economic development opportunities,” said Governor Charlie Baker.

“We continue to be both pleased and impressed by the number of communities demonstrating their commitment to providing safe travel for people of all ages and abilities through this program,” said Acting Transportation Secretary and CEO Jamey Tesler.

Approximately, 56 percent of grant totals pay for projects in, what are described as, Environmental Justice communities. They are defined by the state as communities where the median household income is equal to or less than 65 percent of the statewide median, 25 percent or more of the residents identify as a race other than white or 25 percent or more of households have no one over the age of 14 who speaks English only or very well.

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