Groveland Entrepreneur Plans to Open Aroma Joe’s This Spring in Bradford

Aroma Joe’s renovations are taking place at 727 S. Main St., Bradford. (WHAV News photograph.)

Aroma Joe’s is expected to open early in May in the Bradford section of Haverhill as a Groveland entrepreneur renovates a former freestanding doughnut shop on Route 125.

Alan Arcidpane told WHAV the forthcoming Aroma Joe’s in Academy Plaza at 727 S. Main St., is his first store. He doesn’t describe himself as a coffee aficionado, but does enjoy the Aroma Joe’s brand.

“They have a nice smooth coffee—an assortment of coffee, a darker roast and then a nice smooth coffee. I tend to drink hot coffee, but they have iced coffee as well and all types of flavors that go with that. They have espresso and cappuccino and also some frozen drinks that are coffee based,” he explained.

The coffee shop will feature serving stations, a coffee house-style seating area and a drive-through. Besides coffee, Aroma Joe’s features breakfast sandwiches and, what Arcidpane describes as “fabulous” pretzels in the afternoon.

Arcidpane, a 20-year Groveland resident, said as a franchisee, he has been studying the brand and taking part in a training program. When renovations are completed, the training will move on-site in preparation for the official opening. He invites the public to try the new coffee shop this spring.

“When we open in May, we’d like everybody to give us a try, come on down and have a cup of coffee, try some different drinks and I think you’ll find Aroma Joe’s is a great place to hang out or swing by and get a coffee on the go,” he said.

Aroma Joe’s was founded in Maine and offers sustainable Arabica coffee beans roasted in the state, as well as a selection of specialty beverages.

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