MVRTA, Northern Essex Elder Transport, Others Benefit From State Transportation Grants

(File photograph.)

Haverhill-based Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority, Northern Essex Elder Transport and the Merrimac Council on Aging are among those sharing in $8.6 million in grants for transit operating costs, mobility management or new capital investments.

Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority received an award for five vehicles, while Merrimac Council on Aging received money for one and Northern Essex Elder Transport was granted $18,000 to cover costs associated with operating a volunteer driver program serving 14 councils on aging in the Merrimack Valley. The grants were formally awarded yesterday by the Community Transit Grant Program administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

“Community Transit Grants provide critical funding to local organizations to purchase equipment to help people get where they need to go efficiently and safely,” said Gov. Charlie Baker. “Our Administration will continue to make efforts to work with local leaders, community stakeholders, and the private sector to make transit accessible to everyone.”

The money is for applications made to the program during 2020, including purchases of 113 vans and minibuses.

Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack said the grants particularly help people “who rely on getting help to where they need to go, such as individuals who have disabilities.”

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