House Committee, Co-Chaired by Campbell, Advances Bill to Extend Citizens United Commission

Rep. Linda Dean Campbell. (Courtesy photograph.)

A voter-approved Citizens Commission, studying what role the state can play a role in repealing the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision, may receive an extension to continue its work.

The legislature’s Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs, co-chaired by Methuen Rep. Linda Dean Campbell, voted favorably to advance a bill that would keep the Commission in place until a federal constitutional amendment is ratified that formally overturns the decision.

“Millions of Massachusetts residents voted to not only study the impacts of corporate funding in elections, but also to advance measures at the state level to overturn Citizens United,” said Campbell.”

Campbell’s office said the bill would formalize the non-partisan commission that Massachusetts voters created in a 2018 ballot initiative as well as clarify the commission member appointment process.

The Citizens Commission released its first report last year. It provides a historical and legislative analysis of different constitutional amendments that limit corporate spending in elections.

This bill would also create a process for appointing new members to serve in the event of a vacant seat. Current members were appointed by the governor, secretary of state, attorney general, senate president and speaker of the house and the bill would allow the elected officials to appoint new members turnover occurs.

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