Letter: Build on Merrimack River Threat Awareness By Electing Christina Eckert

State representative candidate Christina Eckert. (WHAV News file photograph)

To the Editor:

Christina Eckert, candidate for State Representative at 2nd Essex District, has our endorsement. For the past two years, we have known her as a tireless advocate for the Merrimack River.

Christina’s outreach to local leaders and collaboration with the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance contributed to the recent passage of the Sewage Overflow Notification Bill in the House, an important step to ensure local communities know when sewage is released into the Merrimack.

As a Co-Executive Director of Merrimack River Watershed Council, Christina was instrumental in getting a new water-testing program launched on the river and for organizing the hugely successful State of the Waters conference in January.

Our region has made significant progress in raising awareness about the current and emerging threats facing the Merrimack River. Let’s build on this awareness by electing Christina Eckert as our State Representative. A vote for her is a vote for a clean and thriving Merrimack River.

Pauliina and Peter Swartz
West Newbury

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