Haverhill’s Northpoint Bible College Opens Wednesday to In-Person Classes; School Plans Precautions

Denworth Hall, once associated with defunct Bradford College. (Creative Commons.)

Northpoint Bible College and graduate school in Haverhill begins in-person classes for its first day of school this Wednesday.

Dean of Enrollment David Munley was a guest recently on WHAV’s morning program. He explained that like other schools, Northpoint switched to remote learning in the spring. He talked about some of the precautions the school is taking to bring everyone back in person.

“It will be seated classes. We have followed all of the CDC guidelines, Mass.gov guidelines. Since we are an accredited college, we are under the Department of Education, so we are following the Department of Education’s guidelines. And, basically, we’re doing what my Italian grandmother used to tell us to do anyway. We’re washing our hands, before and afterwards, and we’re giving people space,” he said.

Munley says Northpoint College, on the site of the former Bradford College, will have around 100 students living on campus with another 50 students commuting. The students will see a different look—just like on every other campus offering in-person classes.

“The in-person classes, we’re cutting those down to 50% so that students can have social spacing. If you come on campus, you have to walk the campus one way here, come back, and walk one way here. We have chapels Monday through Thursday, which is basically church for an hour and 15 minutes, every day. We’re going to break those down into groups instead of having the whole student body, the whole campus on there. Chapels will look different. Our cafeteria will look different—a little socially spaced. Everything is going to be different…We’re going to be doing the same thing, but it will be different during the COVID-19 pandemic. Munley noted.

Before classes begin at Northpoint College, there’s a test students must pass—the Coronavirus test.

“Every student who would be coming on campus, they’re all going to present a negative paper from their doctor, from where they’re coming in. Actually, they have to do it within 72 hours of coming to Massachusetts. It’s going to be a little different, but we’re going for it,” he said,

Munley said one the highlights for students at Northpoint Bible College, has been an annual community event at GAR Park in Haverhill with free food, musical entertainment and activities for children, which last year attracted 800 people. However, that won’t be happening this year due to the pandemic.

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