Podcast: Sen. DiZoglio Cosponsors Legislation to Make Juneteenth a Statewide Holiday

Sen. Diana DiZoglio. (Courtesy photograph.)

Last Friday was the observance of “Juneteenth,” commemorating the day in 1865 when Texas became the last state in the nation to be notified of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to free its’ slaves. State Sen. Diana DiZoglio wants to make the date a formal holiday.

Appearing on WHAV’s morning show, DiZoglio said is co-sponsoring legislation to officially recognize Juneteenth in Massachusetts.

“You know, I believe this legislation is a testament to the importance of this day, and I look forward to fighting for the day to actually become recognized as a state holiday,” she says.

DiZoglio says Juneteenth was observed on the local level in several communities. “In Lawrence, they’re actually counting it as a city holiday and they are giving workers the day to reflect on the importance of the holiday. And in Haverhill, we’re seeing the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce give the day to their employees to reflect on the importance of Juneteenth,” she notes.

DiZogio said former Gov. Deval Patrick, while in office in 2007, signed a proclamation to make June 19 a statewide day of observance of Juneteenth. The current legislation would take the next step, making it an official state holiday.

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