Reopening a Business and Keeping Clean? Haverhill Business Offers Training, Supplies to Be Sure

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One of the keys to reopening businesses following the coronavirus outbreak is to make sure the workplace is clean. One Haverhill company in is offering government-approved e-learning certificates that signify the workforce is fully trained.

Doreen Blades, owner of US Eco Products, 143 Essex St., discussed the program this past Tuesday on WHAV’s morning program.

“Those are one on one. There are actual certificates that you’ve gone thru the e-learning. You sit there at your computer and learn about how to wash your hands. It sounds silly, however you have to wash your hands for 20 seconds so that you’re singing. Some people sing happy birthday over and over to make sure that they are washing. You get under your nails. You get a full amount of cleaning,” she explains.

Blades says the course goes over other topics too, like “elevator etiquette.”

“And only have one person in an elevator at a time. And do they have staff to clean the elevators in between somebody going on, or not to touch, not to shake hands, no hugging? And I say that because I’m a big networker, and it’s really hard for me when I go out. I want to see people. You want to shake hands. You want to give them a hug if they are a close friend. You can no longer do that,” she says.

US Eco Products, a certified woman-owned business, formed in 2009. It also sells COVID-19-approved cleaning products and supplies. She says it’s the ultimate responsibility of management to make sure all of the protocols are being followed and that the workplace is properly cleaned—especially if an employee returns after having the virus.

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