Podcast: Rep. Minicucci Reminds Residents Jobless Claim Help Still Available

Rep. Christina A. Minicucci. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The filing of new unemployment claims is dropping off, but state Rep. Christina Minicucci, reminds residents help is still available for those who have lost their jobs.

Minicucci, whose office was involved in helping people file early claims, says the initial wave as has settled down quite a bit.

“At one point we had 68 active cases in our office, and now, we are down to two, maybe, and we can get them resolved pretty quickly,” she said.

Minicucci reminds people there is still help available from the federal government, in the form of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program, a new program for people who wouldn’t normally qualify for benefits.

“It’s open to people who have reduced wages, part-time workers, gig economy workers, people who are self-employed. There’s a much bigger net and a lot more people qualify than realize. I come across people every day who say, ‘I had no idea I qualified.’ Also, kids under the age of 18 who maybe were lined up to work at local camps, like Brooks Summer Camp in North Andover is closed this summer. Any of those kids who were lined up to work there, they can file. You just have to do it over the phone if you’re under 18. Adults, kids, anybody who was lined up for a job and that job disappeared, or didn’t come to fruition, because of Covid-19, they qualify,” she said.

For telephone and email addresses of state senators and representatives whose offices can help, visit malegislature.gov.

Minicucci, the 14th Essex District state representative, was a guest, this past Friday, on WHAV’s Morning program.

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