Podcast: Topsfield Fair Moving Ahead with Fall Plans, New Coalition Forms

Topsfield Fair entrance. (Creative Commons.)

This years’ Topsfield Fair is still on, despite COVID-19 concerns.

Bill Fitzgerald, of Mann Orchards in Methuen, the current president of the Topsfield Fair board of directors, says organizers are forming coalitions to ensure safety.

“Topsfield Fair is partnering, in some respects, with the Big E out in Springfield, to form a little bit of a coalition, so we can trade ideas back and forth, and hopefully live up to what the guidelines may be come this fall,” he explains.

Fitzgerald was a guest, Wednesday, on WHAV’s morning program. He says there’s a tremendous effort at the Topsfield Fairgrounds to make sure all of the vendors are following the proper protocols, adding that the vendors are looking forward to the event, because it has been such a slow season. He wants everyone to feel comfortable.

“The goal of the Essex Agricultural Society is to make people feel safe and secure when they come to the fair. It’s always been that way, but this year it will be a triple effort to make sure people feel safe and secure when they come there,” Fitzgerald says.

Beyond the entertainment, rides and food, Fitzgerald says Topsfield Fair organizers always focus on their main goal.

“All the agricultural stuff is being planned as usual. I know the huge Pumpkin Growers Association is just chomping at the bit to be able to get there, and show off those big pumpkins and things like that again,” he says.

The 202nd year of the Topsfield Fair is scheduled to run this year from Oct. 2 through Columbus Day weekend Oct. 10.

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