Sen. DiZoglio Champions ‘Cocktails for Commonwealth’ Restaurant Aid Bill; Mirra Lends House Support

Sen. Diana DiZoglio. (Courtesy photograph.)

Restaurants could sell sealed containers of mixed drinks with to-go orders under a bill filed last week by Sen. Diana DiZoglio.

DiZoglio’s bill is intended “to expand revenue-generating options in response to the COVID-19 economic crisis for local establishments licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.” Mized drinks aren’t covered under Gov. Charlie Baker’s April 3 law that allows restaurants and bars to sell limited quantities of beer and wine, in their original containers, with takeout and delivery orders. Restaurants remain barred from serving customers in their dining rooms under a March order from Baker.

Some restaurateurs and bartenders have been advocating to be allowed to serve cocktails with their takeout orders as well, a measure that has been allowed in some other states, including Rhode Island. An online “Cocktails for Commonwealth” petition had more than 400 signatures as of Monday morning.

DiZoglio’s bill would allow restaurants that are licensed to serve alcohol to sell “prepared beverage and mixed drinks”—defined as a sealed container holding between 4 and 64 fluid ounces of liquor and mixer, combined at the restaurant—to accompany to-go food orders. The bill is also cosponsored by Rep. Lenny Mirra of West Newbury. The Senate on Monday referred it to the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee for review.

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