Ward Hill Textile Firm Sends 20,000 Medical Pillows to NYC; Provides Masks and Medical-Grade Pillows

Borden Textile CEO Jim Polakiewicz, left, holding “disposable” style pillow with Plant Manager Guy Pappalardo holding “wipeable” style while both wear the firm’s washable face masks. (Courtesy photograph.)

A Haverhill pillow manufacturer is helping to put minds at rest in the nation’s COVID-19 hotspot, New York City.

Early last week, Borden Textile, of 175 Ward Hill Ave., helped equip a temporary hospital at the Javits Center in New York with medical pillows. The company—with 15,000 hypoallergenic polyester-filled bed pillows in stock—also hopes to help closer to home.

“We have reached out to local representatives and companies but have ran into stone walls everywhere…No one is responding to us,” said Guy T. Pappalardo, plant manager and manager of manufacturing operations. He said the company is looking for Massachusetts hospitals and medical centers that need help.

Established in 2008, Borden Textile is also providing pandemic relief by providing face masks and additional products to hospitals, medical centers and the public. The company currently has eight employees working at their facility to produce its products and ready to fill additional orders for those in need.

Borden Textile came to help in New York City when it received a request through a distribution partner on the last Friday in March, ordering a large shipment of 20,000 disposable medical pillows. Pappalardo said the company rearranged its pillow production, allocating 80% to medical in order to meet the demand. Working through the weekend, the order was sent Tuesday, March 31.

Sen. Diana DiZoglio told WHAV she could not be prouder of her constituent.

“Borden Textiles’ efforts in providing supplies to those who need it most during the COVID-19 emergency have been truly extraordinary.” DiZoglio also thanked her team, especially Chief of Staff Andrew Carden, for “helping to streamline the process for those who’ve stepped up to help during this difficult time.”

Pappalardo said Borden Textile is also selling pillows and washable face masks online at bordentextile.com and on its Facebook page.

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