Update: Haverhill Chamber Resumes Dollar-4-Dollar Gift Card Program with New Limit

Haverhill Chamber President and CEO Dougan Sherwood addresses members at Olivia’s restaurant. (WHAV News file photograph.)

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Update: The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce has resumed the gift card program. The story below has been updated to reflect a new $25 match limit per customer.

The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce is resuming its successful dollar-for-dollar gift card program after temporarily closing it until more donations arrived.

The program was created to help local restaurants and employees maintain some income after the recent ban on indoor dining.

“I am delighted, if not, overwhelmed to see the success of this program. It won’t fix everything, but it gets meaningful dollars from meaningful people into the pockets of Haverhill restaurants.” said Chamber President Dougan Sherwood.

Under the revised incentive plan, anyone who purchases a gift card to any restaurant in Haverhill—or a restaurant outside of Haverhill that is a Haverhill Chamber member—will receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to $25.

The gift card matching offer helped raise money for more than 30 Haverhill restaurants by doubling the value of gift cards and certificates purchased by customers. The Chamber kicked in $2,500 to establish the matching fund and met its goal of raising $10,000. Recently, it asked members to continue donating in order to keep the program operating and, by yesterday, counting both online and check donations, Sherwood said totals rose to about $24,000.

Offline donations, Sherwood said, include a $5,000 pledge from Haverhill City Hall and $2,500 from the Greater Haverhill Foundation. Others may donate online at GoFundMe.

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