Haverhill’s Commission on Disability Accepting $2,000 Scholarship Applications

Frances Hogan, left, during an appearance with Joyce Thibodeau and Tim Coco, during the WHAV's Open Mic Show in 2017. (File Photograph.)

Haverhill’s Commission on Disability Issues is providing bigger rewards this year for students with disabilities that have interests in further education, careers and volunteering.

Entering its third year of providing scholarships, the program is closing in on this year’s selection and expects to have the year’s recipient selected by the end of April. The scholarship awards $2,000 to a graduating high school senior who is furthering his education or career efforts. The winner will be announced in May. Frances Hogan, who has served as commission chairperson for seven years, explains why the scholarship program was expanded.

“There are so many different careers out there for these students when they graduate and we have found in the past that the two students who got the scholarships were going into fields where they will be helping people who have different types of needs. Whether its health care needs, whether it’s someone who has learning disabilities. You know it all connects. They have a wonderful focus on going out and helping others,” said Hogan.

Previous recipients, Elise Avolio and Claire Brody, received scholarships for their efforts and are preparing to enter careers focusing on helping others with disabilities.

The Commission is interested in students who have been involved in community activities, volunteer work or internships that have given them satisfying experiences that have allowed them to reflect and gain interest in their career goals.

Applications for the scholarship are due Monday, March 30 and can be found on the Haverhill High School and Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School websites.

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