I-495 Northbound Right Lane to Close During Morning Commute Thursday

Old 495 northbound bridge being dismantled as traffic flows on three lanes of new bridge. (Courtesy photograph.)

A single right lane on I-495 northbound in Haverhill closes during daytime hours Thursday.

The lane, between exits 48 and 49, closes between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., while construction work continues on a bridge pier protection barrier.

When completed, the $102 million I-495 bridge replacement is expected to last 75 years. Three lanes of a new northbound bridge have been completed and are carrying traffic. As soon as additional lanes are completed, southbound traffic will cross over to the new bridge with two directions of traffic, and construction will commence on a second bridge.

Officials say goals are to eliminate “constant emergency repair work,” improve roadway safety with full-width breakdown lanes and provide a dedicated exit lane on the northbound bridge for exit 49, near Westgate Center.

Advance warning signs will be used onsite to notify drivers of the planned closure.

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