Left Turn to be Prohibited When Exiting S. Main St. Dunkin’ Shop; Complaints Get State Action

Firefighters and paramedics cleared the accident scene near 915 South Main St. on Sept. 18, 2019. (Courtesy photograph.)

Haverhill Rep. Andy Vargas. (WHAV News file photograph.)

The squeaky wheel gets the grease or, in this case, a “No Left Turn” sign.

Rep. Andy Vargas reported today Massachusetts transportation officials yesterday caved to pressure to prohibit left turns at the exit of the Dunkin’ on Route 125 in Haverhill. Those leaving the shop will have to turn right towards the Ward Hill Connector, rather than cut across busy South Main Street. Similar measures will be used to prohibit left turns from the northbound lane. A number of accidents have been reported since the Dunkin’ shop opened at 915 South Main St. in December 2018.

“These small changes can frankly save lives and prevent some of the serious accidents we’ve seen,” Vargas said. “Residents like Lauren Kalkiotis shared their personal stories with my office and provided urgency to the issue. I’m grateful that DOT will deliver these much-needed changes.”

Vargas also credited the Haverhill City Council, especially President Melinda Barrett, and City Engineer John Pettis for staying on the issue.

Multiple accidents have occurred at the location, spurring local and state advocacy efforts to enhance public safety. Besides the no left turn sign, a right arrow and “ONLY” pavement marking and other warning and regulatory signs on 125 northbound and southbound will be put into place. Work begins as early as Friday.

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