Plaistow, N.H., Appoints Chris Knutsen as New Fire Chief

Chris C. Knutsen, Plaistow, N.H., fire chief. (Courtesy photograph.)

Plaistow, N.H., has named Chris C. Knutsen as fire chief.

Knutsen comes to Plaistow from Seviervile, Tenn., and served with the City of Pigeon Forge Fire Department since 1997 where he was a captain and training officer.

According to a statement released yesterday, “He comes to us with an encyclopedia of certifications and accomplishments,” including Fire Officer-IV, nationally registered paramedic, haz-mat technician, emergency management and operations, chief officer development and public safety leadership academy. Knutsen holds an associate degree in Fire Science and is currently finishing up his Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration and Homeland Security.

He is married with two children.

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