Haverhill High School Pool Roof Bids Come in $264,000 Over Projection; Mayor to Find the Difference

Charles C. White Pool. (File photograph.)

While you would expect to get wet when swimming in an indoor pool, you probably would not expect that some of that water would be the result of a leaking roof, but that is the reality facing students at Haverhill High School.

The roof over the Charles C. White pool has been in need of repair for some time and about two months ago, the City Council approved $400,000 for that work. That figure was based on an estimate by Greenwood Roof Services, the city’s roofing contractor. When the project went out to bid, however, the lowest offer came in at $664,000.

Paul Hartford, a consultant for the Haverhill School Committee regarding roofing issues, explained what happened.

“The roofer that we got the cost estimate from may not have included all the provisions that would have normally been included in a publicly bid contract. But, I hate to say it is what it is but the numbers speak for themselves at this point,” he said.

The School Committee has another $100,000 that can be applied to the cost and Mayor James J. Fiorentini has promised to look into other sources of revenue to make up the difference.

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