Haverhill Receives Benefits Update from Methuen Festival of Trees; Event Opens Friday

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini presents a citation to Methuen Festival of Trees President Thomas Lussier in 2019. (WHAV News photograph.)

The Methuen Festival of Trees is getting underway beginning Friday and once again the City of Haverhill is one of the beneficiaries of this annual event.

Thomas Lussier, president of the Festival, spoke before the city council on Tuesday where he explained the organization has been able to provide the city with nearly $137 thousand dollars in historic preservation grants over the past four years.

“We’re very excited about the projects that we have with your city. We’re very grateful for all the support we get from you. And, before I sit down, the shameless commercial is that the festival opens on Friday, runs for two weeks. It’s a wonderful time. We welcome your folks and we thank you for the partnership that has allowed us to preserve not only your history but our history and the history of our adjoining communities.”

This year, $27,000 has been approved for three separate projects in the city with another $20 thousand pending for two others.

Recent recipients of the Festival’s funds, which are used to restore and preserve historic treasures, were Rocks Village hand tub house, which received a $7,500 grant, as well as $10,000 each to the Tattersall Farm and powder house.

In recognition of the donations by the Festival of Trees, Haverhill Mayor James Fiorentini presented Lussier with an official citation.

“I want to thank you and I want to thank the Methuen Festival of Trees,” the mayor said. “You’ve done so much to preserve the great history here in the city of Haverhill and all of us in Haverhill are very, very grateful for this.  So, I’d like to present to the Methuen Festival of Trees this official citation in recognition of your dedication to the preservation of our heritage and our monuments in the Merrimack Valley. In Haverhill, your generosity most recently has contributed to the restoration of the Powder House and the Handtub House.  On behalf of the citizens of Haverhill, I thank you for all you’ve done personally and as chairman of the Methuen Festival of Trees. Thank you very much.”

The 26th Annual Festival of Trees opens at noon, Friday, Nov. 22, at 13 Branch St., Methuen.

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