Methuen Police Department Considers Relaxing Ban on Visibility of Officers’ Tattoos

(File photograph)

Residents of Methuen: The police department wants to hear your thoughts on guns—tattoo guns, that is. In a social media post late last week, the department’s patrolman’s association said they are considering relaxing their current ban on visible tattoos for officers in uniform and are seeking the public’s input via an online survey.

According to the department, a change in their current “strict” tattoo policy would align with departments in cities like Pittsburgh, Penn., Houston and Austin, Texas, who relaxed their rules to allow officers to reflect their personalities through ink.

“Times change and our agency believes change can be good. A change in policy will also open up a new group of applicants who can now pursue a career as a police officer,” the agency said.”

The new proposal would affect tattoos from the short-sleeve line to the wrists or ink visible on the legs. Neck and hand tattoos would still be prohibited unless cleared by Chief Joseph E. Solomon.

Residents are able to vote in the online poll through the Methuen Police Department’s Facebook page.

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