Bradford Landmark Denworth Hall Isn’t Coming Down Anytime Soon, College President Says

Denworth Hall, once associated with defunct Bradford College. (Creative Commons.)

Despite apparent rumors, there are no current plans to demolish the iconic Denworth Hall on the campus of Northpoint Bible College.

College President David Arnett appeared before the Haverhill City Council Tuesday night to put those reports to rest. While the building once associated with the defunct Bradford College should come down, Arnett said, the college doesn’t have the $10 to $20 million needed to complete the job.

“It’s astronomically expensive. One architectural study was done. It would take $7 million just to remediate the issues. The building is filled with asbestos, mold, lead paint, 1939 wiring and nothing is handicapped accessible.”

Arnett added the basement of the former theater fills with water “hip deep” every winter. He agrees the “best solution is to take it down” and replace it with a similar, but larger, building seating 1,200 people. However, the college is debt free and won’t borrow money to replace the building. For now, he told councilors, Northpoint will keep it locked up and the exterior safe.

Councilor Joseph J. Bevilacqua said he hoped the college would eventually keep the shell of the building up, at least front façade facing South Main Street. Councilor Melinda E. Barrett said Denworth Hall is not technically historic, unlike center 1870-era Academy Hall. Nevertheless, Councilor William J. Macek said longtime residents do see the building as a “landmark.”

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