Haverhill’s Guertin Signs Two Additional Book Deals

City educator Annemarie Riley Guertin signed two additional book deals. (Courtesy photograph)

Haverhill author and former Tilton School teacher Annemarie Riley Guertin has two additional book deals under her belt after signing on the dotted line with publishing company Familius, she tells WHAV.

Christopher Robbins took on Guertin’s latest two picture books, “Finding Mr. Trunks”—a story about a stuffed animal lost at the airport—and “Thunderstormaestro,” in which a child learns not to fear thunderstorms, the educator says. Both are set for publication in 2021.

The new books come 18 months after Guertin released her debut “How the Finch Got His Colors” in 2018. Her latest, “Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves,” based on Florence Holbrook’s 1902 classic “Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter,” hits stores Sept. 1.

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