Leaving Animals in Hot or Cold Parked Cars Now a Ticketable Offense in Haverhill

(File photograph)

The Haverhill City Council unanimously voted earlier this month to approve an ordinance that allows animal control officers to administer tickets to residents who leave animals in extremely hot or cold cars, reasonably endangering the animal’s health.

There is a state ordinance to this effect, but the city had yet to put one on the books, leaving Animal Control only able to verbally scold offenders, according to City Councilor Melinda E. Barrett.

“They were powerless to ticket anybody if they found an animal in a car in extreme heat or cold,” Barrett said.

Members of Haverhill’s City Council voted unanimously to implement the ordinance. Animal Control tells WHAV since the fine was voted into law, no tickets have yet been issued. Fines are $150 for the first offense and $300 for each subsequent offense.

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