Haverhill Owned Coppola Bus Sold to North Reading Transport

(File photograph.)

The 46-year-old Haverhill bus company Coppola has officially been sold to North Reading Transport after the School Committee approved the transfer of contract at Thursday night’s meeting.

Changes to daily function are planned to be minimal, as buses will continue to be housed in Haverhill, according to NRT owner John McCarthy, who addressed the Committee Thursday.

When Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini asked McCarthy if local jobs would be impacted as a result of the sale, McCarthy used humor in his response.

“With all due respect, Mayor, school bus drivers don’t grow on trees,” McCarthy said, when letting the Committee know all drivers’ positions would remain in tact.

The motion to approve the transfer was made by committee member Scott W. Wood Jr. with a second from Attorney Richard J. Rosa. The transfer was unanimously approved, with an abstention from Attorney Paul A. Magliocchetti due to his conflict of interest as the lawyer for Coppola.

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