Methuen Police, Cops for Kids With Cancer Donate $5,000 to 9-Month-Old Fighting Leukemia

Brooke, Michael and Melissa Burns holding Baby Michael, Cops for Kids With Cancer Treasurer Ed McNelley, Chief Joseph E. Solomon and Mayor James P. Jajuga gathered in Methuen on July 12. (Courtesy photograph)

A 9-month-old boy and his family received a $5,000 donation from the Methuen Police Department and Cops for Kids with Cancer. The ceremony, hosted by Chief Joseph E. Solomon, Mayor James P. Jajuga, and Cops for Kids’ Treasurer Ed McNelley was held last Friday at Methuen Police headquarters.

The boy, Michael Burns Jr., was diagnosed with acute leukemia as a newborn last October and has undergone intensive treatments in the months since. His family struggled to coordinate frequent hospital visits with work schedules and eventually applied to the charity earlier this year.

“No family, and certainly no young child should have to endure what the Burns family has throughout Michael’s young life,” Solomon said. “We were eager to support their efforts through Cops For Kids With Cancer, and we’re so grateful for their generosity in supporting this family.”

Cops for Kids with Cancer has donated more than $3.3 million to families in New England since it began in 2002.

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