In Collaboration With Students, New Sign, Updated Field for Whittier Tech

Whittier students built a new welcome sign for the school. Left to right: junior Edward Fernandez, of Haverhill, freshman Mario Andino, of Haverhill, freshman Jordan Gouthier, of Bradford, junior Xavier Valdivieso, of Bradford, and junior Hector Valentin, of Haverhill. (Courtesy photograph)

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School has two new construction projects—both planned and executed in collaboration with students.

Late last month, work concluded on a new stone and metal sign bearing the school’s logo and name entirely designed and built by students studying in construction trades. Students from masonry, engineering, metal fabrication, and electrical all collaborated on this year-long project. The sign features both a metal logo and a screen for digital projections.

Earl Corr, a carpentry instructor, said the project was a great way for Whittier students to collaborate in and out of the classroom. “Everyone did a great job and this is something we can be proud of for years to come,” he said.

Come fall, Whittier will also see an AstroTurf football field surrounded by an eight-lane track with new light fixtures. The $2 million project means there can be spring use of the field and the school can begin to host track meets, which it previously couldn’t due to its six-lane track.

Superintendent Maureen Lynch appreciates the effort students have made to improve their school community.

“The upgrades we’re making to the football and track fields will put our facilities in line with our neighboring school districts and better align our athletic programs with the competitive career technical education and academic courses we offer at Whittier,” Lynch said.

Junior carpentry students contributed to the project by designing and constructing a set of stairs from the football field to the baseball and softball fields, increasing ease and safety of movement between the two. The students were the sole builders.

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