The Two-Year Wait Is Over! Cedardale Officially Opens Thursday, May 30

Bradford's Cedardale Health & Fitness re-opens on May 30, 2019. (Courtesy photograph)

Time to re-pack those gym bags! Two years after an early morning, three-alarm blaze ripped through Bradford’s Cedardale Health & Fitness, the Boston Road gym plans to officially re-open for business on Thursday, May 30, owners Ed and Zoe Veasey tell WHAV.

As the Veaseys told WHAV last month, 60 percent of Cedardale’s dedicated members inked contracts for the new 85,000 square-foot gym space sight unseen. When they step into the new facility this week, Ed Veasey says they’re in for a real treat.

“Conceptually, I bet you couldn’t find another place in the country or in the world that would be equal to what is going to be here,” he told WHAV in April.

Once inside, members new and old will see how the Veaseys have adopted a new approach to wellness from the inside out. Meditation is now offered among Cedardale’s 70 group classes, and the gym’s two registered dietitians are overhauling the Courtside Cafe menu to offer healthier options, including baked French fries, for example.

When it comes to working out, says Carolyn Veasey Jackson, the new Cedardale offers efficiency with an edge.

“We’ve put thought into it so that people aren’t intimidated coming to Cedardale—that they’re going to feel comfortable and get to know people so that they don’t dread going to the gym; they look forward to it,” Veasey Jackson—Ed’s daughter—told WHAV.

Ruled accidental by the state fire marshal’s office and local officials after a three-month investigation, the March 1, 2017 fire caused between $2 and $5 million in damage, the family said. The fire began in a women’s locker room and several possible sources, including electrical wiring, small appliances or light fixtures, may have been to blame.

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