Former Haverhill DPW Worker Gets Probation for Role in August 2018 City Hall Drug Deal

Kevin Moriarty (left), Erik Frasca and Steve Allen appeared in Haverhill District Court on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018. (WHAV News photograph)

A former Haverhill city employee pleaded guilty Thursday to charges stemming from an August 2018 drug arrest, receiving a one-year probation term from Haverhill District Court Judge Stephen S. Abany.

Appearing in court Thursday, Kevin Moriarty saw two drug charges—one count of possession and one count of distribution—continued without a finding. By pleading guilty, Moriarty received one year of probation and was ordered to stay drug- and alcohol-free until April 2020, with random drug screenings. He also must complete court-ordered community service.

A third charge, conspiracy to violate drug laws, was dismissed at the request of prosecuting attorney Stephen LaMonica, who called the outcome a “fair resolution to the case.”

Thursday was the sixth time Moriarty and his two codefendants, Erik Frasca and Steven Allen, appeared in court in connection with their August 2018 case. As WHAV previously reported, Haverhill Police received an anonymous tip that Moriarty was selling narcotics to Highway Department employees. Subsequent surveillance caught the trio engaged in a “hand-to-hand” transaction leading to their arrests last summer.

Police recovered a plastic vial allegedly containing two broken pieces of an orange pill said to be suboxone from Allen, along with two pieces of a round blue pill believed to be oxycodone from the armrest of Frasca’s truck. Moriarty had six small round blue pills believed to be oxycodone on him at the time of his arrest, police said.

Moriarty told police at the time of his arrest that he did not sell the pill to Allen but rather “gave it to him as a friend.”

The cases against Frasca and Allen continue in Haverhill District Court next month.

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