Finn Murder Suspect’s Grandfather Wraps Up Probation on Firearms Charges

(WHAV News file photograph.)

Raymond J. Maczuba, the Haverhill man whose grandson stands accused in the 2017 Bryce Finn murder, wrapped up a probation stint Monday stemming from a winter firearms arrest.

As WHAV previously reported, Haverhill Police arrested 80-year-old Maczuba at the West Meadow Road home he shared with Joseph “Max” Benner in February, charging him with possession of an unlicensed weapon and ammunition, among other firearms offenses. He was released on personal recognizance following a Haverhill District Court hearing shortly after his arrest and pleaded guilty to the charges in January 2019.

Terms of his probation included forfeiture of his weapons and payment of a $500 fine, court officials told WHAV.

His 21-year-old grandson Benner stands accused of driving the getaway car carrying Delaware’s Kenneth Pitts, Thomas Warner and Nicholas Mandato on the night of June 6, 2017, the night Benner told police he and childhood friend Pitts conspired to rob Finn of his marijuana stash. In Benner’s own words, things “went badly” when Finn met the men at the back door with his own weapon. According to codefendant Mandato, Pitts fired the fatal shot that killed Finn.

With Benner the most recent of the four to be formally indicted for the crime, the cases continue at the Superior Court level, where the penalties are higher than at a district level.

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