Police: Child ‘Made Up’ Methuen Abduction Report

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

A Methuen boy’s claim he was assaulted during a botched kidnapping attempt on his way to Timony Grammar School Tuesday morning was determined to be unfounded, police tell WHAV.

Area social media pages lit up with speculation Tuesday after a woman reported her neighbor’s fifth grade son was “almost abducted” by a 6-foot tall Hispanic man wearing a black hoodie and red Nike shoes. The woman went on to say the boy received a few “red marks and bruises” but was otherwise unharmed.

Reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, Methuen Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon confirms the child made up the story.

“We have confirmed that the incident was made up by the child,” Solomon said. “He didn’t say why, but our best guess is he didn’t want to get in trouble for being late to school,” said Solomon.

A statement issued via Facebook by the Marsh Grammar School PTO said Methuen Superintendent Brandi Kwong made families aware of the situation and confirmed there is no danger to students.

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