Power Surge Closes Consentino School; Students Sent to Silver Hill, HHS

Dr. Albert B. Consentino School. (Jay Saulnier file photograph for WHAV News.)

Students at Albert B. Consentino School were bused to other schools after what was believed to be a citywide power surge caused an outage at the middle school.

Fire Chief William F. Laliberty said the surge caused the school to lose a phase of a three-phase power system. As a result, he added, some electrical relays appear to have failed.

“There was no fire in the building,” the chief said.

Haverhill School Superintendent Margaret Marotta said fourth and fifth graders were sent to Silver Hill School, while older students were sent to Haverhill High School while repairs are made.

“All is safe and orderly,” the superintendent told WHAV.

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